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Compressor Installation Details
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One . Installation
Install selected places of the most neglected by staff . Often just to find a compressor after the acquisition , the pipe immediately after use , there is no advance planning. Little do they know so sloppy results , but the reasons for the difficulties in future compressor failure and poor maintenance of air quality formation. So choose a good place to install but a prerequisite for the proper use of air Yeah system.
1 good place to be broad daylight , in order to facilitate operation and maintenance .
2 should be low relative humidity of the air , less dust , clean air and good ventilation .
3 . Ambient temperature must be below 40 ℃, because the higher the ambient temperature, the less the amount of air compressor output .
[4] The factory environment is poor , dusty , required the installation of pre- filtration equipment.
5 reserved access, qualified crane can be installed to facilitate maintenance .
6 space reserved for maintenance , there must be at least 70 cm above the distance between the compressor and the wall.
From 7 . Compressor at least one meter away from the top space above .
Two . Piping, basic precautions and cooling systems
The air line piping Precautions
(1 ) Head Road, piping, tubing must have 1 to 2 of slope to facilitate piping cold water from the suspect .
Pressure ( 2 ) of the drop pipe passage shall not exceed 5% of the set pressure compressor , the best choice when a larger diameter pipe .
( 3 ) just from the top of the line must be connected to the head of the road, avoiding the line of water downstream to the junction suspected gas compressor equipment air outlet tube should ideally be a one-way valve.
( 4 ) several compressors installed in series shall not end in a competent way to install a ball valve or automatic drain valve to facilitate cold suspect water discharge .
( 5 ) Do not arbitrarily narrow road supervisor , shall be used if necessary to reduce or enlarge the pipeline when the tapered tube , or in the case of Francis joints will occur , resulting in pressure loss , but also affect the life of the pipeline .
After ( 6 ) If the compressor cylinders and drying machines and other cleaning equipment buffering facilities , ideal disposable tubes should be before the compressor + tank + filter + dryer + filter + fine filter . So part of the tank may be suspect cold water filter , while also reducing the functional gas tank temperature . The lower temperatures and less moisture in the air and then into the dryer , the dryer can reduce or control the filter load.
( 7 ) If the air system of gas consumption is large and very short time, instantaneous gas consumption varies greatly , should the installation of a gas tank as a buffer with ( its capacity should be greater than or equal to 20% of the maximum instantaneous gas ) , so compressor can reduce the number of frequent loading or unloading , reducing the number of operations control element to maintaining the reliability of operation of the compressor has great benefits.
( 8 ) The following 1.5MPa compressed air system pressure , flow rates within its pipes shall 15m/sen less to avoid excessive pressure drop.
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